A recent study revealed 55% of people say a great story is primarily what holds their focus during a presentation. That’s a compelling number. Yet, so many presenters avoid the opportunity to utilize this audience engagement technique.

We are going to be discussing how the primal presenter engages every audience. Personally, I love presentations that make an impact. You remember what has been shared. You have actionable takeaways. And, if you are lucky, you exit the Zoom meeting or conference feeling inspired. Those are the good ones.

The common framework that exists among these impactful presentations, is an engaging speaker. Their goal: maintain their audience’s attention throughout the entirety of their talk. Not five minutes. Not 20 minutes.

The entire presentation.

They use every tool at their disposal including stories, language and word usage techniques, and clarity to win over the hearts and minds of their audience.

In this episode, you will:

– Learn how to read your audience

– Discover the power of storytelling

– Identify ways to simplify your language and word usage

– Know how to aim for clarity

– Gain new insights on how to structure your content to win hearts and minds

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