Responsive communication is a vital trait in today’s business landscape. As I embarked on my journey with VGDS GLOBAL, seeking advice on growing my business, becoming a better leader, and fostering trust with my team and clients, I was told that responsiveness was paramount.

Reflecting on my extensive experience in business, volunteering, and leadership, I hold in high regard those who have exhibited responsiveness. These individuals have risen to leadership roles within my team and beyond, achieved significant professional and personal milestones, and some have even become close friends due to our shared value for responsiveness. I hold great respect for those who prioritize responsiveness, and conversely, I find it challenging to connect with those who lack this work ethic.

Consider the following scenarios:

Have you encountered frustration with a person on Facebook Marketplace who failed to respond after initial interactions regarding an item of interest?

Are you disappointed when your team members overlook your Slack messages, even when you shared something to uplift their spirits?

Have you ever felt left in the dark on a team project due to unanswered email inquiries to the team leader?

Regrettably, many individuals struggle with responsiveness. However, the good news is that you can cultivate this skill and transform it into your competitive edge and superpower. How? It begins with understanding the 3 B’s of Responsiveness.

Build: Crafting a Culture of Responsiveness

Today’s most successful brands, be they personal or organizational, have built their reputations around the core value of responsiveness. It’s not just a trait; it’s an attitude and a strategic choice. They’ve dedicated time and energy to establish a culture that embraces responsiveness throughout their entire structure. This shift in mindset is a cornerstone of their overarching strategy. Think about Zappos and their commitment to customer service, or consider that contractor who promptly responds on Thumbtack.

Boost: Elevating Business through Responsiveness

Successfully building a brand centered on responsiveness will inevitably lead to a boost in your business. Reflecting on my past interactions with individuals who prioritized responsiveness, I consistently hold them in high regard. I’ll confidently recommend John due to his unwavering updates on my home improvement project, or I’ll enthusiastically refer friends to Rebecca because of her consistent and respectful email replies. These positive attributes have propelled their businesses forward. By practicing responsiveness, you can experience similar outcomes.

Bloom: Cultivating Prosperity through Responsiveness

Ultimately, responsiveness will catalyze the prosperity of your business. Each response you provide is an investment, and akin to the compounding interest enjoyed by the financially savvy, your efforts will yield significant returns. Your business will flourish, not only because of the enjoyable working relationships you cultivate but also due to the word-of-mouth marketing generated by your responsiveness. This by-product of responsiveness will fuel your business growth, differentiating you from competitors.

In today’s world, people grapple with overflowing inboxes, text messages, and social commitments. They prioritize responding to the most pressing matters and overlook the rest. Sadly, this approach often leads to a communication style antithetical to responsiveness, resulting in missed opportunities to enhance reputation, attract new business, and cultivate relationships. Distinguish yourself by embracing responsiveness—it’s the hallmark of success.

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