When it comes to designing a new presentation, one of the first considerations is whether to use system fonts or custom fonts. While there are valid reasons for both options, utilizing custom fonts can greatly enhance your presentation’s visual appeal and brand consistency. This article explores the benefits of using custom fonts and when it’s appropriate to stick with system fonts.

Benefits of Custom Fonts:

Brand Consistency:

Custom fonts align with your brand guidelines, ensuring a cohesive and polished look.

They elevate your brand image and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Versatility in Mood:

Custom fonts offer a wider range of options to communicate specific moods or themes.

Hand-written fonts can convey a fun and adventurous mood, while sophisticated fonts exude elegance and professionalism.

When to Use Custom Fonts:

Fonts Installed on Presenting Computer:

If the fonts are already installed on the computer that will be used for the final presentation, custom fonts can be utilized without any issues.

For PowerPoint on PC, fonts can be embedded in the presentation for colleagues using the same software.

Exporting as PDF:

When exporting the final deck as a PDF, the fonts will be embedded, ensuring correct display in PDF viewers.

Note that builds or transitions may be lost during the export process.

Collaborators with Installed Fonts:

All individuals involved in building the deck should have the necessary fonts installed to prevent layout issues.

Different default fonts can lead to broken layouts and inconsistent spacing.

Proper Licensing:

Ensure you have the appropriate license to use and distribute the fonts, respecting the terms and conditions set by the font’s creator.

When to Stick with System Fonts:

Time Constraints:

If there is limited time to find, purchase, distribute, and install custom fonts, it may be more practical to use system fonts.

Client or Management Preferences:

Some clients or managers may not prioritize design aesthetics and perceive using custom fonts as a hassle.

In such cases, consider the psychological impact of good design on audience engagement, but be prepared to use system fonts as a fallback option.

Brand Fonts:

If your brand already utilizes a system font, it is recommended to stick with it to maintain brand consistency, unless there is a compelling reason to explore custom fonts.

In conclusion, the choice between system and custom fonts in presentations can significantly impact the overall visual appeal and brand consistency. Custom fonts offer greater versatility and reinforce brand identity, creating a lasting impression on the audience. However, in time-constrained situations or when client preferences or brand guidelines dictate, system fonts can still deliver effective results. Consider the specific circumstances and objectives of your presentation when making the decision.

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