When delivering a presentation with a slide deck, it’s essential to have seamless navigation, like a well-coordinated dance. To ensure you and your slides are in sync, follow these tips for smooth presentation navigation using a wireless slide remote and keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint. 

Wireless Slide Remote for Effortless Navigation 

Investing in a reliable slide remote is a must for frequent presenters. Relying on a mouse to advance slides can hinder your movement and disrupt the flow of your presentation. With a slide remote, you can move freely, making important points without having to return to the computer. 

Consider these factors when choosing a slide remote: 

Shape and comfort for your hand 

Range of wireless connectivity 

Desired functions in a remote 

Budget constraints 

Two excellent slide remote options are the Logitech R400 and the Norwii N27 clicker. The Logitech R400 offers seamless navigation and has been a trusted choice for many presenters. On the other hand, the Norwii N27 clicker, resembling a pen, comes with added features like volume control and hyperlink activation. 

Keyboard Shortcuts for PowerPoint Navigation 

In case your slide remote becomes unavailable, you can still navigate your presentation smoothly using keyboard shortcuts. This method is especially helpful when presenting with a wireless keyboard. Here are some essential shortcuts: 

Shift + F5: Play the slide show from the current slide 

Home: Go to the first slide in the deck 

End: Navigate to the last slide in the deck 

Spacebar: Move to the next item or slide 

Right/Left Arrow: Progress forward or backward like a mouse click or remote button 

B: Jump to a blank, black slide and return to the previous slide, useful for quick breaks or audience interaction 

Control + P: Activate an on-screen pen for ink annotations 

Control + E: Erase any pen marks you’ve made 

Control + L: Utilize an on-screen laser pointer 

Control + A: Revert to using an arrow after pen or laser function 

Control + H: Hide the arrow if not required for navigation 

Escape: Exit the slide show 

By mastering these slide remote and keyboard shortcuts, you’ll deliver your presentation effortlessly, without any hiccups. Purchase a slide remote or practice with the keyboard shortcuts on your latest PowerPoint presentation to become a presentation pro, impressing your audience with smooth slide deck navigation. 

Discover more valuable tips and tricks to elevate your presentations to the next level. 

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