The key challenge most individuals face in presentations is creating compelling content. While many business professionals are comfortable with PowerPoint design and delivery, structuring new material can be overwhelming. In this post, we introduce “The Big Thing” approach to presenting, consisting of 6 stages that will help you effectively showcase and pitch any groundbreaking idea. Let’s delve into the details.

Stage 1: Introducing “The Big Thing”

Kickstart your presentation by discussing the revolutionary concept that holds immense significance in your field, creating a buzz. For instance, let’s take the example of the cloud technology before it became widespread. If your big idea is to develop a company like DropBox, emphasize the potential growth of cloud technology and its transformative impact on the business landscape.

Stage 2: Examining Successes and Failures

After establishing the importance of the “big thing,” shift your focus to the current companies that are either successfully adopting the new technology or ignoring it altogether. As you plan to create a cloud-based storage platform, highlight the positive outcomes experienced by those embracing the technology. This sets the stage for the subsequent part of your presentation.

Stage 3: Teasing the “Happy Ever After”

In this section, hint at the notion of a “Happy Ever After” without delving into the details of your company, DropBox. Create a sense of excitement and FOMO (fear of missing out) among the audience, emphasizing that happiness and success are possible only through engagement with or support for your new venture.

Stage 4: Overcoming Challenges

Now, it’s time to dive deep into the core of your company, DropBox. Present three key talking points that outline how your company will tackle existing challenges and maximize the current opportunities.

Stage 5: Presenting the Proof

If you have early test results or customer feedback for your product or service, showcase them in this section. Provide evidence and testimonials that illustrate your success and highlight the potential for further growth.

Stage 6: The Closing Moment

Finally, the closing stage is where you bring it all together. Having compellingly presented “the big thing” and demonstrated how your company will capitalize on it, you are now in an excellent position to make your final ask.


While there are various approaches to pitching, the “The Big Thing” structure offers a creative and engaging method to captivate your audience. For a successful and less formal pitch, consider incorporating this structure into your presentation toolkit.

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