Worried about the technology during your presentations? Ease your concerns with these two essential checks before stepping on stage. Technology glitches can quickly derail a presentation, and as a presenter, it’s crucial to ensure everything runs smoothly. Here’s a simple 2-part checklist to follow before your audience arrives. 

Slide Deck Functionality 

Perform a “dress rehearsal” before your presentation to account for every detail. Follow these steps to check your slide deck’s functionality: 

Test the slide remote to ensure smooth and quick slide advancements. 

Verify the presentation’s appearance on the screen, adjusting colors, resolution, and screen size if necessary. 

Check embedded links to ensure they work correctly and stop after viewing. 

Verify that slide transitions and dynamic movements within the presentation function properly. 

Audio Levels 

Check the audio cues and volume levels within your presentation, including your microphone if used. Avoid the awkwardness of adjusting volume during the presentation by testing ahead of time: 

Walk around the room and test volume levels from various locations. 

Account for the audience’s presence, as full occupancy affects the room’s acoustics. 

Be Prepared 

While the checklist can’t guarantee a flawless presentation, it significantly reduces technology-related issues. Even if something goes wrong, handle it gracefully: 

Stay calm and make a connection with the audience by acknowledging the technology glitch. 

Use storytelling to describe what the audience would have seen or heard, maintaining engagement. 

Remember, you can’t always control technology, but you can control how you respond to challenges. Embrace the imperfections, and with proper preparation, your presentation will still be a success. 

For more presentation tips from design to delivery, explore the resources at  VGDS Global is here to help with all your presentation needs; contact us today! 

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