There are inbuilt tools to Compress PowerPoint pictures and videos. Let us consider how to reduce the resolution of a picture to compress it. 

1)Click on any picture on the slide and choose the format option at the top right menu. 

2)At this point there will be a new ribbon that offers multiple options to format the picture. 

3) Now choose the compress Pictures option below the Transitions button. 

4) Now you get a pop-up window to make your choice of resolution.  In this example, I have chosen 150ppi. 

Also in the pop-up menu, if you check the first box in the pop-up menu the impact will be applicable only to this picture.  But if you uncheck that box the impact will be applicable across all the slides.   Unlike many people imagine, cropping the image will not do any compression in PowerPoint. Cropping will only hide the image from our view, it will not cause to reduce the actual file size.  Hence checking the second box as per this pop-up is essential, so that it will delete the hidden potions of the picture and will subsequently reduce the file size. 

Let us now proceed to a simple method of how to reduce the videos embedded in PowerPoint. 

1.  Choose the folder where the presentation is stored.  Now choose the view tab at the top and select the File name extensions box on the right-hand side. Followed by your file names you will find your extension so for PowerPoint, it’s .pptx. 

2.  Now, copy and paste the file, click on the “.pptx” part of the file name and change it to “.zip”. Windows will warn that you could ruin your file; don’t worry it is just a copy and the original is still safe. Proceed with yes, you’ll see that your PowerPoint file has now turned into a zip file. 

3.   Once you open the zip file you will come across many unfamiliar folders; just ignore them, you may choose the ppt folder, and ignore all those strange subfolders. At this point you may select the “media folder”; you will undoubtedly find all the images, audio and video files used in your presentation. 

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