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We are Professional Presentation Designers

VGDS Global has been conceived and established in 2020 to cater to the global market need for a Professional Design Agency – one that gives full value to your time and money. Also we promise undivided care to protect confidentiality. We are a team of PowerPoint Professionals with over 15 years of experience in the industry, including at McKinsey & Co., BCG, and Deloitte. We transform presentations into opportunities for consulting companies across the world.

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Why choose us

Save Time

As Caretakers of your Company, you have more important things to do than designing your presentation. Leave the graphics to our experts and get back to doing what you do best.

Professional Design

Creativity and design cannot easily be mastered overnight. Our team of Ex-McKinsey, BCG, and Deloitte design experts will help achieve your desired end products.


We appreciate to receive and deliver encrypted documents. Trusted and reviewed by world's largest consulting firms, we continue to offer unparalleled security for your documents. We provide you with peace of mind for your Outsourcing.

Save Money

High-quality outputs at a fraction of the cost of similar design firms & consultancies. Also imagine how much it would cost if you appoint one of your highly paid officials in preparing ppts.

Fast Delivery

Our quick overnight turnaround time gives us a significant advantage over other design agencies and consulting firms.




Clients send their core content/rough draft in any format. It can be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, a Word document, or simply an Email with instructions and brand guidelines.


Pricing and Timeline Proposal

A dedicated project manager will very soon get in touch with the client. At this point we set the right expectation about the price and the turnaround time.


Sample Slides

The team gets to work and transforms the instructions into captivating slides, which they will share with the client for review.



Our designer will create the final presentation based on (your) client feedback. However, in some cases we will organize a debate with the clients team and our team on topics of confusion and conflicts, which must be straightened before proceeding with the final draft.



We will finalize the ppt with corrections, also we will ensure that it does not leave any fundamental questions unanswered. Send it through quality verification. With every pride and confidence we return your work decorated and enhanced

Client Testimonials
  • Testimonial author

    Jojo Thomas

    Chairman, Flavien International Corporation, Texas, USA

    “Throughout the project, good and timely communication was maintained. Overall, a highly professional and competent organization that I highly recommend and will undoubtedly do business with again in the future."

  • Testimonial author

    Raees Ali

    CEO, RayZ Technologies, Dubai, UAE

    "Since we began working with VGDS Global on most of our new business pitch decks and RFP responses, our chances of getting into final pitches have significantly increased. They have the elusive ability to simplify complex ideas into simple visuals”

  • Testimonial author

    Vandana Jonwal

    Director, SV2 Solutions, Bangalore, India

    “The team is essentially experienced professionals. The Company Profile designed for us is stunning and outstanding, and I would love to work with VGDS Global for our future projects, I highly recommend VGDS Global.”

  • Testimonial author

    Isil Kuriakose

    Head of Sales, J&J S.A DE C.V, Mexico City, Mexico

    "The team is extremely professional. They did it in limited time they had. They understood the requirements very well. Ensured that their understanding is aligned with mine. Quick turnaround time and low cost are their specialties."

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of a few frequently asked questions from our clients. However, if none of these FAQs answers your query please do get in touch with us using our contact form or you can also write to us directly at info@vgdsglobal.com.

Do you write the content for the presentation as well?

Yes, We have content specialists on board.

Will you deliver a file that I will be able to edit using a standard PowerPoint tool?

Yes. We always deliver a file that can be fully edited by you at your convenience using standard PowerPoint software. No gimmicks at all. You don’t have to come back to us to make every small change to your file. Whether it’s editing text or swapping photos, you may do it all by yourself, however, if you still need our help, we will absolutely be available to assist, should a need arise.

How much time does it take to design a 20-slide presentation?

If your content and presentation template is ready, along with your brand guidelines for us to follow, then we will be able to deliver the first cut of the presentation within 3 working days. Sometimes when we have the required bandwidth, it should hit your mailbox well within 2 working days.

My project is confidential, so can I expect you to sign an NDA?

Yes, we are open to signing an NDA. We respect your privacy and your rights to protect your core business, ideas, or any other information that you wish to secure. We are committed to ensuring that the information that you share with us remains strictly confidential – always. In fact, we have signed NDAs and confidentiality agreements with most of our clients – including startups and large corporates. Every employee who joins us is expected to sign a confidentiality agreement on the date of joining.

Would you be able to close my project even if I have a tight deadline?

Well, in our experience, most clients come to us when they need a rescue mission. To answer your question, yes we are happy to assist clients with a tight deadlines. All we request from you is to be slightly more responsive to ensure that you’re able to provide your feedback and review comments faster

What are your timelines?

Our timelines for different packages are mentioned on our pricing page. However, if there are any delays from the client pertaining to the transfer of their assets such as the company logo and content, or if there are any fresh requirements to be met, then for that we need to push the timelines.

How is your pricing calculated?

Our pricing is based on the number of slides we are required to work on. These comprise all slides from the cover to the conclusion including text, images, flowcharts, and infographics. If any slide is to be excluded then we would recommend you either tell us or not send us the slides.

Do you work with other presentation software such as keynote and Prezi?

No, sorry, we don’t work with Keynote and Prezi at this time. However, we’ll eagerly try out other new software that comes into the marketplace. Finding the best possible solution for our clients is always our number one priority.

I want an animated presentation. can you provide something that is more interactive?

Yes, we can work with Microsoft PowerPoint™️ to provide an animated presentation. However, there are limitations to what presentation software can do in terms of animating text or objects. We are always honest with you about what to expect in terms of the animation you may desire.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds due to the nature of the business. 100% of our clients have been happy with our work and we have had a good track record so far. We offer 2 rounds of amends with all our packages where all the feedback and issues are ironed out. However, if you have any specific questions regarding the refund policy then please write to us using the contact form here.

Can you build me a template that I can use for further presentations?

Of course, we can. However, as a presentation template is fully editable and we have no restrictions on how many times it can be reused, we charge a higher rate which takes this into consideration. Every template comes with our helpful presentation template guide making sure that even novice users of presentation software can use and edit the template easily.

Do I get any revisions?

Yep. You get a standard two revisions at no cost. Anything beyond that will be billed at an hourly rate

Where is your client list?

Currently, we operate under strict Non-Disclosure Agreements and Independent Contractor Agreements which prevent us from revealing most of our client list.

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