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In today’s fast-paced business world, making presentations is common, with professionals giving over 50 presentations a year. To keep presentations fresh and engaging, it’s essential to explore various features offered by PowerPoint. One such feature that often goes unnoticed is the hidden slides feature. Although introduced in the mid-1990s, recent updates have made it more user-friendly. Here are three compelling reasons to leverage PowerPoint’s hidden slide feature, brought to you by VGDS Global, a professional presentation design agency.

To Optimize Presentation Time:

Time constraints are prevalent in presentations. However, some scenarios, such as audience participation or uncertain speaking durations, require flexibility. By creating short and long versions of your presentation with hidden slides, you can seamlessly adjust your content in real time, tailoring it to the available timeframe. VGDS Global can help you design a dynamic presentation that allows you to adapt and engage your audience effectively.

To Enhance Content Depth:

Presenting technical or complex topics can be challenging, as audience knowledge levels may vary. Hidden slides provide a practical solution. Suppose you’re discussing a product launch with technical details that your audience may or may not grasp entirely. In that case, hidden slides enable you to gauge their understanding and delve deeper if necessary. VGDS Global can assist in designing presentations that strike the right balance between surface-level information and in-depth content.

To Create Stand-Alone Documents:

While it’s best to avoid using presentations as standalone documents, some situations may require it. For instance, when attendees request a slide deck after missing a presentation, VGDS Global recommends crafting an “offline deck” using hidden slides. These slides should encapsulate the essential points made during the presentation, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the content.

Implementing hidden slides is simple:

Create the slide you wish to hide like any other slide.

From the slide sorter, right-click on the slide and select “hide slide.”

During the presentation, access hidden slides by typing the slide number and hitting enter or using the “see all slides” option to choose the desired slide.

As experts in presentation design, VGDS Global understands the importance of utilizing all available PowerPoint features to elevate your presentations. If you want to break free from presentation ruts and explore new potential, get in touch with our team today!

Elevate your presentations with VGDS Global’s professional services. Contact us now for engaging and impactful presentation designs that captivate your audience.

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