Simple Icons

Cut out unnecessary text and replace it with simple icons that fit with your theme. Adding an icon to emphasise your bulleted text can make it easier for the audience to take in.

Infographic Design

Visualise bullet points as an infographic and make them part of the design.A simple visual symbol that illustrates your point is a highly effective form of shorthand. Combine icons with chunked/emphasised text, simple data display, and simple icons


Organise information by the table to keep it neat & organize. One easy and quick way to divide your text into more clear parts on your slide is to use a simple table. Don’t fit all of the information in one table, it can be tedious and hard to keep track of what is on each slide

Emphasised Words

Instead of bullets, you can take your portioned text and draw the eye to the first word of the section. Make sure what you highlight is one or no more than a few words – your text-heavy slides will be even harder to read if large chunks of it are highlighted.


Shape your bullets into shapes to make them easier for the audience’s eyes.Text emphasis to indicate the most important words or phrases will help your audience understand your content more quickly. Use shapes to separate the text and add numbers, headlines or icons to each chunk of text depending on the type of content you have

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