In 2005, Daniel Pink wrote a bestselling book, “A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future,” highlighting the shift from the information age to the conceptual age. To resonate with today’s audiences, your presentations must embrace Pink’s six senses: design, story, symphony, play, empathy, and meaning. 

Design: Move beyond functional to create visually engaging presentations. VGDS Global’s portfolio showcases beautiful and clear presentation design. 

Story: Connect with your audience through compelling narratives. Use time-tested storytelling formats to evoke emotions and make a lasting impact. 

Symphony: Connect the dots and present a coherent whole. Clarify why information matters, relate statistics to patterns, and communicate the bigger picture. 

Play: Balance seriousness with playfulness. Engage your audience, laugh with them, and create memorable connections. 

Empathy: Show genuine care for your audience by understanding their perspectives. Develop presentations that resonate with diverse audiences. 

Meaning: Demonstrate how your ideas, products, or company contribute to a larger purpose. Showcase the meaningful impact of your work. 

Evaluate your presentations using these senses: 

Assess the level of design in your presentations. 

Reflect on how effectively storytelling is incorporated. 

Ensure clarity in presenting symphony of ideas and patterns. 

Incorporate playful elements in your delivery. 

Practice empathy to connect with your audience. 

Communicate the deeper purpose or meaning behind your work. 

If you find your presentations stuck in the information age, VGDS Global can help you transition to the conceptual era. Discover how we can elevate your presentations to resonate with modern audiences. 

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