Creating captivating presentations involves making various choices, including font, template, and color selection. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, follow this step-by-step guide by VGDS Global on how to build a custom color palette from your brand colors. With the right tools and a solid foundational color, you can easily get started on your presentation design.

Getting Started

To begin, you’ll need the following:

A web browser to access Adobe Color tools.

An online version of your logo or brand image.

Access to your preferred presentation design program.

Building A Custom Color Palette

Go to and click on “create.”

Open a second tab with your logo or brand image.

Create a split screen with Adobe Color and your logo side by side.

Use the eyedropper tool on Adobe Color to copy your main brand color.

Adobe will generate a color palette with 10 options, such as analogous, monochromatic, complementary, and more.

Choosing and Checking Your Color Palette

Name and save your preferred color palette.

Check for accessibility by clicking on “Check for Accessibility.” Ensure your palette is “color safe” and provides sufficient contrast for viewers.

Use the Contrast Checker tool to assess the contrast between colors and make necessary adjustments.

Importing Your Color Palette

Click on “libraries” in Adobe Color.

Download your saved color palette as a jpeg.

Insert the jpeg into your presentation design program.

Use the eyedropper tool or custom color tool to apply the palette colors to backgrounds, text, icons, and shapes.

Delete the slide with the color palette once all colors are imported.

By following these steps and utilizing your brand colors, you can quickly create appealing color palettes for your presentation design. If you still feel overwhelmed, consider collaborating with VGDS Global, a professional presentation design agency, to take your presentations to the next level. Discover how VGDS Global can help elevate your presentation design.

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