As a professional presentation design agency, VGDS Global understands the significance of color choice in creating impactful presentations. Custom colors can add a touch of uniqueness and elevate your slide deck. Whether you wish to incorporate your company’s logo colors or draw inspiration from captivating images, we’ll guide you through the process of importing custom colors into PowerPoint.

Step 1: Find Your Desired Colors

Choose your colors thoughtfully as they play a crucial role in setting the mood and tone of your presentation. Colors evoke emotional associations and contribute to brand identification. Explore color palettes online to discover your preferred color scheme. For more ideas, visit our blog on color inspiration sources.

Step 2: Import Custom Colors

Once you’ve selected the colors you want to use, you have two options to import them into PowerPoint – copying hex codes or using the eyedropper tool.

Option 1: Copying Hex Codes

If the hex codes of your desired colors are available, simply copy and paste them into PowerPoint.

Browse color palettes on platforms like Canva or Adobe.

Identify the desired color’s hex code.

In PowerPoint, right-click and select “Format Background” to open the background menu.

Choose “More Colors” from the color menu.

Click on “Custom” and paste the hex code into the designated field.

Click “OK” to apply the custom color.

If you don’t have the hex code of a specific color, you can use online tools like Image Color Finder or ImageLR to obtain it from an image. Once you have the hex code, follow the same steps to import it into PowerPoint.

Option 2: Using the Eyedropper Tool

PowerPoint offers an eyedropper tool to copy colors directly from images or elements.

Enter your desired text or select an element with the color you want to match.

Minimize PowerPoint and the website displaying the color you wish to copy, creating a split screen.

Highlight the text or element in PowerPoint.

Open the Font Color dropdown menu to access the eyedropper tool at the bottom.

Click on the Eyedropper.

Left-click, hold, and drag the eyedropper over the color you want to select.

Release the left-click to apply the chosen color to your text or element.

Repeat this process for other elements in PowerPoint that offer a color menu, such as backgrounds, shapes, and icons.

By leveraging these simple custom color tools, you can effortlessly create sophisticated color palettes that enhance the overall look and feel of your presentation design.

Ready to take your presentations to the next level with VGDS Global? Learn more about how we can help you make an impactful impression with your slides!

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