This time of year holds a unique enchantment, from holiday lights twinkling in the night to festive food and family gatherings. However, the true magic lies in the abundance of narratives shared during this season. From the legend of Ole St. Nick to cherished family traditions, stories play a significant role in making the holidays special. Humans are drawn to stories, and in this blog, we will explore why storytelling skills are essential, how to improve them, and how to create a touch of magic in the process.

Why Storytelling Skills Matter:

Boosting Confidence: Sharing stories allows us to captivate the attention of others, providing a sense of gratification and a neurological buzz similar to pleasurable experiences like eating good food or having meaningful conversations.

Building Connections: Stories create a powerful bond between individuals. Scientific research shows that sharing narratives synchronizes the brains of storytellers and listeners, forging connections and fostering empathy.

Establishing Norms: Stories are a tool to set societal boundaries and communicate acceptable behavior. Gossip-based stories subtly convey messages about what is deemed appropriate or commendable.

Strategic Positioning: Skillful storytellers gain a status boost, as they present themselves in a positive light, shaping their reputation and achieving their goals.

Enhancing Storytelling Skills:

Capturing Attention:

Grab your audience’s attention with a compelling opening line.

Relate the story to your listeners’ lives to make it relatable.

Offer unexpected or startling elements to pique interest.

Holding Attention:

Increase tension in the story to maintain your audience’s focus.

Gradually build up the plot, engaging listeners with emotional arousal.


Create emotional resonance by helping listeners understand and feel the characters’ emotions.

Balance detail in the story, providing enough to set the scene and flesh out the plot without overwhelming the audience.

Making Holiday Magic with Storytelling:

This holiday season, embrace the power of storytelling. Participate in the age-old human tradition of sharing narratives. Whether at a company party or spending time with loved ones, use storytelling to connect, share, and create magic. As we approach the new year, let’s explore how persuasive storytelling skills can work wonders for our professional endeavors.

VGDS Global believes in the power of presentations and storytelling. We are here to help you tell your unique story, captivating your audience and leaving a lasting impression. Elevate your storytelling skills and experience the magic they bring in this festive season and beyond.

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