Are you struggling with designing slide decks for your presentations? You’re not alone. Recent statistics from a Decktopus survey reveal that 31% of participants find it time-consuming to design a presentation, while another 31% feel they lack presentation design skills. Additionally, 10% believe that presentation design has a steep learning curve. 

Let’s explore the time it takes to create presentations and the value of learning presentation design skills. By the end of this article, you’ll gain insights into how to approach presentation design effectively. 

The Time It Takes: 

According to Dr. Carmen Simon, creating a “20-slide, one-hour presentation” could require around 80 hours of work. However, estimating the exact time to develop a professional-looking slide deck is challenging due to various factors, such as the number of slides, content type, user experience, and more. Presentations with static content will take less time compared to those with animations, customized graphics, and videos. 

The Design Skill Set: 

Presentation design involves language different from the usual spoken or written word. It requires understanding preattentive attributes, color theory, font choices, and more. Most people lack formal education in these areas, making the design skill set appear foreign. Consequently, many individuals struggle with presentation design and find it challenging to master. 

Three Ways to Improve Presentation Design Skills: 

Practice on Your Own: 

Immerse yourself in the design language by reading design blogs, watching design videos, and exploring professional templates. Platforms like Canva’s design school or Adobe’s Creative Cloud tutorials can be helpful in this regard. 

Take an Online Class: 

Consider enrolling in an online class to learn presentation design more comprehensively. Paid courses often offer in-depth knowledge and practical skills. Websites like and Udemy offer various design and PowerPoint-related courses. 

Collaborate with Experts: 

If learning a new design language feels daunting or time-consuming, consider hiring a presentation design agency like VGDS Global. Just as hiring a translator, these experts will craft a masterful presentation slide deck, saving you time and effort. 


Mastering presentation design skills can be a valuable investment, but it requires time and effort. You can choose to educate yourself, enroll in online classes, or collaborate with professionals like VGDS Global to create captivating presentations. Whether you decide to learn the language yourself or seek expert assistance, VGDS Global is here to support you in your presentation design journey. 

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