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In today’s digital age, effective communication is vital, and one of the most influential ways to convey a message is through presentation design agencies. Whether you’re pitching a business idea, delivering a keynote address, or simply trying to engage your audience, the visual appeal and impact of your presentation matter significantly. This is where a Presentation Design Agency steps in, helping individuals and businesses transform their ideas into compelling visual stories.

What is a Presentation Design Agency?

A Presentation Design Agency is a specialized company or firm that focuses on creating visually stunning and highly informative presentations that captivate the audience. These agencies have a team of experts who possess a profound understanding of design principles, storytelling, and effective communication. Their primary role is collaborating with clients to turn their ideas into engaging presentations. 

What services are available for designing presentations? 

Presentation design agencies Services

In today’s fast-paced world, capturing and retaining your audience’s attention is no small feat. Whether you’re delivering a sales pitch, conducting a training session, addressing a large conference, or sharing crucial updates with investors, the key to success lies in the quality of your presentation. To truly inform and engage your audience effectively, your presentation must be well-crafted, visually compelling, and seamlessly organized. 

Some of the presentation services include:  

  • PowerPoint Presentation  
  • Pitch Decks 
  • Content Creation & Editing 
  • Sales Presentation 
  • Company profile 
  • Flyer designs 
  • brochure designs and more. 

Collaborating with a Presentation Design agency means more than a design service. It’s about breathing life into your slides. Skilled designers can turn your content into captivating, professional slides, increasing your chances of winning support from investors.

What does a presentation design agency do?

If you want to keep your audience captivated, the secret is storytelling, and that’s what presentation design agencies do best. They craft engaging narratives, aiming to enhance your communication. These agencies offer specialized design services, whether updating your existing content or creating presentations from scratch. They collaborate closely with clients to ensure clear, effective, and memorable communication. In summary, presentation design agencies help you deliver your best work through visually appealing, customized presentations. 

Is it a good idea to hire a presentation design agency?

Hiring a presentation design agency can be a good idea in many situations, but it depends on your specific needs and circumstances. Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to hire a presentation design agency:

Quality and Professionalism

Presentation design agencies specialize in creating high-quality, professional presentations that impress clients, pitch audiences, and conference attendees.

Time and Expertise

Outsourcing presentation design to experts frees your time and ensures top-notch visuals, especially if you lack design skills or software proficiency.


Agencies tailor your slides to your brand and audience, crafting engaging content aligned with your message.


Agencies maintain brand consistency across presentations, adhering to your style guidelines.

Access to Talent

Professional designers bring creative expertise to your presentations, enhancing their visual impact.

Complex or Data-Driven Content

Agencies are skilled at turning complex data and detailed graphics into clear, attractive visuals.

Meeting Deadlines

Agencies excel at meeting tight deadlines, making them suitable for urgent or large-scale projects.

However, there are also some potential drawbacks: 


Hiring an agency can be expensive, especially if you require frequent presentations. You should consider the cost in relation to the benefits.

How much does the presentation design agency charge? 

The cost of hiring a presentation design agency can vary widely depending on several factors, including the agency’s reputation, location, the complexity of your project, the number of slides, and the level of customization required. Below are several fundamental principles to assist in your comprehension of potential expenses: 

1) Per Slide Pricing 

2) Hourly Rates 

3) Project Complexity 

4) Revisions 

5) Rush Orders or Tight deadlines 

6) Agency Reputation 

7) Content Creation & Editing 

8) Additional Services 

At VGDS Global Presentation design cost starts from $8, based on the complexity of the project it ranges from $8 to $30 per slide. 

How do you find the best presentation design agency for your needs? 

Selecting the perfect presentation design agency can be tough due to the multitude of options. Quality varies among agencies.  

Take these aspects into account when deciding on your option. 

1. Portfolio Excellence 

A great agency should have an impressive portfolio. This is your chance to see their work in action and decide if it aligns with your vision. 

 2. Client Reviews and Testimonials 

What are previous clients saying about the agency? Positive testimonials can be a good sign that they deliver quality work and excellent customer service. 

 3. Expertise in Your Industry 

Is the agency familiar with your industry? A deep understanding of your field can result in more effective and targeted designs. 

 4. Creativity and Innovation  

Look for an agency that offers creative and innovative solutions. A fresh perspective and unique ideas can set your presentation apart.  

 5. Communication and Collaboration 

A good agency should work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Effective communication is key. 

 6. Cost and Budget Considerations

Consider your budget. Presentation design costs can vary significantly. Ensure that the agency you choose aligns with your financial capacity. 

Comparing the Top 10 Presentation Design Agencies 

1) VGDS Global 

VGDS Global Presentation design agency logo

VGDS Global is a team of Ex-Mckinsey Presentation designers with over 15 years of experience in the industry. They transform Presentations into opportunities for consulting companies across the world. Offers services related to designing and developing presentation content such as slides, graphics, and other visuals Using PowerPoint and Google Slides. 
🔹 Timing: Fast 24-hour turnaround. 
🔹 Pricing: Starting at $8 per slide. 

2) 24 Slides 

24Slides Presentation design agency logo

24Slides is a presentation design company that offers professional presentation services. They have a team of presentation designers who can create PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations for businesses and focus on leveraging the power of strong visuals and storytelling in presentations. 
🔹 Timing: Guaranteed 24-hour turnaround for up to 20 fix-up slides. 
🔹 Pricing: Starting at $16 per slide. 

3) Bright Carbon 

Bright Carbon Presentation design agency logo

Bright Carbon is a Presentation design agency that specializes in creating visually engaging and impactful slide decks, infographics, and other visual content for client presentations. They leverage impactful eLearning solutions and offer advanced training in PowerPoint, Google Slides, and presentation skills. 
🔹 Timing: Around four Weeks. 
🔹 Pricing: Starting at $2500 for 10 slides. 

4) Slidebean 

Slidebean Presentation design agency logo

Slidebean is a presentation design agency that offers professional design services for crafting visual presentations, including pitch decks, sales decks, and company presentations. One of Slidebean’s remarkable strengths lies in its talent for delivering winning pitch decks to its clients. 
🔹 Timing: Delivery in 4 Working days. 
🔹 Pricing: Starting at $39 Per Slides

5) Ethos3 

Ethos3 Presentation design agency logo

Ethos3 is an established presentation design Company focused on helping clients create effective and visually compelling presentations. Ethos3, often referred to as E3, represents the power of engagement, empathy, and energizing presentations. Their services are expertise in PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote and Prezi. 
🔹 Timing: Delivery in 4 – 6 weeks (about 1 and a half months). 
🔹 Pricing: Starting at $2000 per project. 

6) Buffalo7 

Buffalo7 Presentation design agency logo

Bufallo7 is an award-winning design agency focused on creating strategic, impactful presentations and pitch decks for major organizations worldwide. Their services aim to influence audience decisions and outcomes. They excel in crafting keynote and marketing presentations. 
🔹 Timing: Delivery depends on the Complexity of the Work.  
🔹 Pricing: Starting at $5000 for 10 Slides.

7) Slidor 

Slidor Presentation design agency logo

Slidor is an experienced presentation design agency that offers comprehensive services to create visually impactful and effective slide decks and presentations for clients. They come from a consulting and web background and are driven by a results-oriented culture. They combine creativity, technique and design principles to deliver the best PowerPoint presentations on the market. 
🔹 Timing: Delivery in 2 – 4 Weeks  
🔹 Pricing: Small startups can likely get base packages starting around €1500-2000, while large enterprises are likely paying €5000+ 

8) Mr.Prezident 

Mr.Prezident Presentation design agency logo

Mr.Prezident is a presentation design company that focuses on being a presentation design partner for ambitious organizations that want to make memorable and impactful presentations to effectively convey their messages. They helped businesses across the globe achieve their presentation objectives. A specialist in presentation storytelling, design and development. They use presentation tools like PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, Prezi, Shaman, Foleon, and Infogram.  
🔹 Timing: Delivery is not predictable it depends on work. 
🔹 Pricing: Depends on the Complexity of the Project per Hour. 

9) Hype Presentations 

Hype Presentations design agency logo

Hype Presentations stands out as a dynamic PowerPoint presentation design agency, dedicated to delivering top-tier decks with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Their small core team, boasting extensive real-world experience, collaborates seamlessly with a dedicated pool of freelance talents. This maintains their response time short, quality good, and pricing low. 
🔹 Timing: Quick turnaround up to 1 – 3 days. 
🔹 Pricing: Starting at $1400 up to 20 slides. 

10) Eyeful Presentation 

Eyeful Presentations design agency logo

Eyeful Presentation is a presentation design agency that specializes in creating compelling presentations for a wide range of clients including global brands, SMEs, and public sector organizations. Their services include presentation strategy, messaging, visual design, animation, and training. 
🔹 Timing: Reasonable turnaround time 
🔹 Pricing: The exact cost would be determined through direct consultation

Overall best choice for presentation design agencies in 2024? 

At VGDS Global, Visuals are now a critical part of effective business communications. However creating professional, branded presentations takes time and expertise. That’s why more companies are turning to VGDS Global for presentation design services. 
VGDS Global has the skills and experience to take your presentations to the next level. Our team of PowerPoint Professionals with over 15 years of experience in the industry, including at McKinsey & Co., BCG, and Deloitte. We specialise in creating presentations that are clear, compelling, and convincing. We know how to find the right information to communicate clearly, how to use images and animation to create compelling visual stories, and how to make your story memorable. It is our passion to assist professionals and leaders in visually communicating their ideas. We would be honoured to work with you to create something truly memorable. It is our passion. We believe that we are born and raised to specialize in it.

Here are some of the key reasons to choose VGDS Global for your next presentation project:

Customized Designs

At VGDS Global, every presentation is crafted from scratch based on your brand, messaging, and audience. Their designers focus on creating visually engaging slides with graphics, infographics, and layouts tailored to your needs. The result is memorable presentations that captivate audiences. 

Quick Turnarounds Time

At VGDS Global, we understand that time is of the essence. That’s why we offer round-the-clock production capabilities, ensuring that you can receive a polished presentation in 24 hours or less. We see these urgent demands all too often, with teams requiring their presentations within a week or even sooner. But with our lightning-fast turnarounds, that’s no longer a problem.

Hub of Ex-McKinsey Designers

We are a team of Ex-McKinsey Presentation designers; we have the expertise and resources to meet your deadlines without sacrificing the quality of your project. You can have the first version of your slides ready in just 24 hours.


We sign NDAs with all clients, and our employees are bound by strict confidentiality agreements. We ensure top-notch document security, giving you peace of mind when outsourcing.

Competitive Pricing

Presentation design agency Pricing

Quality doesn’t need to be costly. Leading agencies offer competitive prices, making their services accessible to businesses of all sizes, ensuring outstanding value for your investment. 
Our pricing ranges from $8 to $30 per slide, and we also offer packages starting at a discounted rate of $1000. For additional information, kindly visit our Pricing Page

Expert Storytelling for Maximum Impact

It takes more than good visuals to connect with audiences. VGDS Global’s presentation specialists understand how to translate your ideas into a compelling story. They’ll help craft narratives that guide viewers smoothly through key points for optimal understanding and retention. 
      For presentation design that delivers real impact, choose the agency that leading global brands trust – VGDS Global. Get in touch today to learn more about their comprehensive presentation services. 

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